MIFA aims to identify, create and monitor projects and actions, carried out by young entrepreneurs and enterprising, with the ambition of transforming them into lasting activities for the holders and the beneficiaries.

Daouda Guindo
 My Ideas For Africa  

Viable and sustainable projects and solutions

Create and support entrepreneurs who offer viable solutions, able to convince beneficiaries and satisfy the market.

Access to information and digital resources allows young entrepreneurs to identify niches and create value for users and the market.

In addition to making his project functional, the project holder must adapt it to the beneficiaries, the market, economic and social realities, the environment, etc. to ensure its success and sustainability.

MIFA is associated in the project and with its partners works on its success through the coaching and the experiences sharing, the permanent involvement of the various essential actors, the identification of the necessary resources at each step, etc.

Sources of income for a social dynamic

Implement flexible and sustainable projects and initiatives capable to empower young promoters and impact their environment.

Unemployment and the revenue access difficulties for young people increase social uneasiness among some of them and create a desire to be an entrepreneur in others.

In addition to living from his activities, the young entrepreneur must above all take up the daily economic challenge, which guarantees his balance and the sustainability of his activity.

MIFA identifies and gets involved in easy-to-implement projects and initiatives that aim to create substantial and recurring income for young promoters and actors.

Online services as a lever for professional equality

Teleservices open up new opportunities, facilitating collaboration and removing barriers related to mobility.

MIFA is setting up a platform to facilitate access to training and income opportunities for people with handicap or reduced mobility:

  • Train in the mastery of tools and income-generating services.
  • Promote the services to potential clients and beneficiaries.
  • Take care of outsourced services adapted to their handicap and able to satisfy the clients and the market.
  • Promote talents and skilled profiles for recruiters
  • Encourage personal development and entrepreneurship.


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